Student Life at UTEP

Community Service

Community Service

The most recent annual statistics reveal more than 5,500 UTEP students contributed about 467,000 community service hours with a total estimated value of $10.2 million. That’s a lot of giving. Join in.

Center for Civic Engagement
Center for Civic Engagement (CCE)

UTEP students graduate with a deeper sense of purpose and an understanding of and commitment to their roles as citizens of the world that contribute to the vitality of democracy and quality of life for the public good.

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Miner Volunteer Corps
Miner Volunteer Corps

The MVC is a membership-driven program made up of UTEP students ready and on call to serve the community. Students are offered a variety of benefits as members and are recognized for their contributions.

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Project Move
Project Move

Hundreds of students are expected to volunteer their time at more than 70 sites around the El Paso region as part of Project MOVE (Miner Opportunities for Volunteer Experiences).

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The UTEP Mine Tracker is a co-curricular initiative that serves as a student’s roadmap to success. The Mine Tracker enables registered UTEP students to access co-curricular activities that complement what a student is learning in the classroom. Learn more »