Student Life at UTEP

Student Involvement

Student Involvement

It’s easy and fun to become involved on the UTEP campus. Students can participate in student government, clubs, organizations, leadership positions, art, community service and study abroad. We’ve got the links below for you to get started on becoming part of the larger UTEP community and family.

Student Leadership
Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities abound for students to serve the larger campus by running for a seat with the Student Government Association or participate in a leadership conference, or assume a leadership position on campus.

• Student Government Association (SGA)
• SGA on Facebook
• Residence Hall Association
• Residence Hall Association on Facebook
• Leadership Programs
• Peer Advisors
• Impact Project
• Century Scholars
Clubs and Organizations
Clubs / Organizations

There are several registered clubs and organizations to choose from at UTEP. Join one today!

• Registered Student Organizations
• Mine Tracker
Theatre, Dance and Arts
Inclusion and Diversity

UTEP has a long tradition of access and inclusion which has created a diverse student body.

• Rainbow Miner Initiative
• Inclusion (SELC)
• Office of International Programs
• Center of Accomodations and Support Services

Community Service
Community Service

The most recent annual statistics reveal more than 5,500 UTEP students contributed about 467,000 community service hours with a total estimated value of $10.2 million. That’s a lot of giving. Join in.

• The Center for Civic Engagement
• Miner Volunteers
• Project Move
• Mine Tracker information on civic engagement and volunteering
Study Abroad
Study Abroad

Immerse yourself in another culture. Studying abroad helps create global leaders, and many employers actively seek candidates with international experiences.

• The Study Abroad Office
Greek Life
Fraternity & Sorority Life

Greek Life at UTEP aims to develop students, both as individuals and within organizations, through diverse involvement opportunities and educational experiences.

• Fraternity & Sorority Life
• Interfraternity Council
• Fraternity & Sorority Life on Facebook
• Fraternities
• Sororities

The UTEP Mine Tracker is a co-curricular initiative that serves as a student’s roadmap to success. The Mine Tracker enables registered UTEP students to access co-curricular activities that complement what a student is learning in the classroom. Learn more »